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Angie's List Sends Special Offer to High-Performing Customers

Client: Angie's List
Product: Talking card with personalized print


Connecticut Lottery Bets on MailPOW Talking Card

Client: Cashman Katz (agency)
Product: Talking card with business card slits


Community Physician Network Promotes New Patient Services with MailPOW Singing Card

Client: Axiom (agency)
Product: Talking card


Geweke RV Collision Center Drives Home a Repair Offer with MailPOW Taking Cards

Client: Schmall World (agency)
Product: Talking card

Health & Racquet Club Pumps-up Sales With MailPOW

Client: SMART Marketing (agency)
Product: Talking card

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October 2011 edition

Sensory Mail Grabs Hold of the Target

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