BrainPOWer to emPOWer your direct mail campaign, that's mailPOW


Launched in 2010, mailPOW is the POWerful idea of Crystal Martin, a marketing agency and political consulting firm owner.

"I was running a particularly desperate political campaign, and needed a way to stand out to potential donors and voters," said Crystal. "At the same time, my daughter was turning 4 and received 3 cards in the mail on the same day. 1 card had sound, the others didn't. She threw the traditional cards on the floor, and proceeded to obsess over the talking card for 30 minutes.

I thought how similar we all are to a 4-year-old when it comes to junk mail. If it doesn't get you jazzed, it's filed in the round bin pretty quick."

AARP was one of our first clients. From California to Virginia, and now worldwide, check your mail, mailPOW has arrived. Our vow at mailPOW is to give you a direct mail piece that will cause an emotional reaction in the recipient.

We’ll be on time, smart, and extremely helpful. EmPOWering your message to its fullest potential.



Crystal Martin

Founder and CEO

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In the News

MailPOW political talking mail wins AAPC Pollie Awards...


  • Fundraising Prospect Mailer
  • Best Use of Negative/Contrast
  • Best Use of Humor
  • Direct Mail for U.S. Senate, General Election
  • Direct Mail Independent Expenditure for U.S. Senate


  • Most Original/Innovative Collateral Material
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