MailPOW Client Wins Prestigious Reed Awards from Campaigns & Elections Magazine

Most Innovative Collateral
MailPOW Audio Card for Barry Wyatt Associates

Best Mail Piece for Independent Expenditure Campaign
MailPOW Audio Card for Barry Wyatt Associates





Congratulations to MailPOW clients who took home awards at the American Association of Political Consultants “Pollie” Awards:

American Bridge 21st Century (Agency: Ourso Beychok)Todd Akin: We've Heard Enough
Gold – Best Use of Talking Mail - Democrat
Gold - Super PAC - Democrat
Silver - Independent Expenditure Campaign - Super PAC - Democrat


Phil Giarrizzo Campaigns – Warren Talking Card
Silver – Best Use of Talking Mail - Democrat


Americans For Prosperity (Agency: DMI)
Gold – Best Use of Talking Mail - Republican


Tuesday Associates – Shake Things Up
Bronze – Best Use of Talking Mail - Republican





American Association of Political Consultants adds “Talking Mail” category to the 2013 Pollie Awards!

Congratulations to our MailPOW clients and friends, and a successful 2012 campaign season.





Super PAC, American Bridge 21st Century, drops MailPOW card against Senate-hopeful Todd Akin

Talking mailer plays Todd Akin’s ‘legitimate rape’ comment

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Akin's own words arrive in Missouri mailboxes

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The United States Postal Service is promoting mailPOW as an “emerging technologies can help you create more dynamic and effective Direct Mail.”

Here’s the excerpt from the USPS Political Mail presentation:



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POWerful Press for Political Talking Card: Carnahan for Congress, St. Louis, Missouri

Carnahan uses audio of Clay's voice in attack mailer, calls for debates

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Carnahan Launches Mailer That 'Speaks' to Voters

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Russ Carnahan's Weird New Talking Mailer

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Daily Kos Elections Live Digest: 7/20

Hah, haven't seen this before. Rep. Russ Carnahan just sent mailers attacking fellow Rep. Lacy Clay that include a greeting-card style audio chip that plays a clip of Clay speaking out in favor of the rent-to-own industry. Carnahan likens rent-to-own firms to predatory pay-day lenders, since rent-to-own companies often also charge very high interest rates; Clay of course rejects the comparison. Meanwhile, Clay is out with his first TV ad of the campaign, a positive spot in which he talks about his support for all the big Democratic agenda items (protecting Medicare, backing healthcare reform, etc.). By the way, if you've never heard Clay's distinctive, extremely scratchy voice before, definitely check it out.




Why incorporating sound into mail can lift its perceived value

by mailPOW CEO, Crystal Martin

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mailPOW CEO, Crystal Martin, named Campaigns & Elections Magazine “Rising Star”

The political consulting world is evolving and a new generation is emerging. From campaigners focused on the developing craft of data-driven politics to managers rising through the ranks the old fashioned way, we’re confident the 30 operatives who make upC&E's 2012 class of Rising Stars will have a lasting impact on the campaign world.

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Anything you say, can and will be mailed against you

How a talking card broke through a deluge of mailers to upend a municipal primary.

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As featured on the Duct Tape Marketing blog… “MailPOW - This service allows you to create cards with sound. Kind of like the musical birthday idea but you get to do it for your business. They also have an option that allows you to record a message on a card by card basis to make each one a personal message.”

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“It’s pretty hard for campaign mailers to get voters’ attention these days, but a union-backed independent expenditure ad on behalf of Democratic Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon in his reelection race against Republican (and Seattle cop) state Rep. Mike Hope (R-44, Lake Stevens) is pretty catchy…”

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Sensory Mail Grabs Hold of the Target

Five Senses = Emotional Connection

Not everyone is buying into the novel idea of sensory-linked direct mail just yet. “It’s necessary to train traditional direct marketers that it’s not just about price per piece,” says Murphy of Fusion 92. “If your ROI is lower but your acquisition and response are higher, then it may be worth it as well. We are trying to get marketers to be not so hung up on cost per piece.”

mailPOW’s Martin says the first step in overcoming resistance is persuading reluctant executives to examine the product.

“The moment they pick up a sample and listen to it they have an emotional reaction,” she says. “They would either react with surprise or have a big grin. Any time you can make someone have an emotional reaction to a marketing piece, you now have top-of-mind awareness.”

Martin adds that a sensory marketing piece tends to have longer staying power in the hands of a consumer or potential consumer. “When you add a novel piece it doesn’t go in the trash right away,” she says. “It hangs around in the house for a while.”

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CASE STUDY: Las Vegas Campaign Rocked By Talking Mailpiece  

tweet for mailpow from chris todd

Click to view video of actual talking card used in this campaign.

Fast Facts

Election: North Las Vegas City Council, Primary 2011

Universe: 2,500 high propensity households

Campaign Manager: Bradley Mayer, iPolitical, Las Vegas

Candidates: Richard Cherchio (incumbent) challenged by Wade Wagner

Problem: Police & Fire unions supported Challenger Wagner and campaigned hard against Cherchio

Solution: A 30-second audio card from mailPOW, dropped just before election day.

The talking card dropped two days before the primary election and gave the Cherchio campaign the needed bump to ensure a general election. Of 2,956 votes, Cherchio received 1,312 (44.38%), Wagner received 1,384 (46.82%), and token third candidate Goldie Pitchford received 260 votes (8.8%).

“The difference in the primary was 72 votes. We lost the early vote by 69 votes and election day by only 3. 66 votes seems small, but it was 2.2% of the overall turnout", said Cherchio's Campaign Manager, Bradley Mayer. “There were several precincts where we lost the early vote and turned around and won election day after the card hit."

“When police and fire are against you, traditionally you don’t win the primary,” said veteran consultant Rich Schlackman. “With the help of a powerful new political mailer, Cherchio faced that full-on assault and survived.” The press coverage of the talking card was also impressive, including lots of local print and blogs, and eventually going national when NBC’s Political Correspondent, Chuck Todd, tweeted a link to the video of the talking card.



September 2011

tweet for mailpow from chris todd

mailPOW founder, Crystal Martin, featured in the UC Davis Alumni magazine for her “Rookie of the Year” accomplishment by the American Association of Political Consultants, and mailPOW’s feature in Inc. magazine.

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May 2011

tweet for mailpow from chris todd

Check out this Tweet from MSNBC's Chuck Todd about a mailPOW political talking card...


For those intrigued by video direct mail @dailyrundown segment, check this AUDIO direct mail piece

April 2011

Big Idea: Direct Mail That Talks

One entrepreneur's audio brochures stand out in a sea of direct mail.

The "Aha" Moment: Crystal Martin's daughter received plenty of cards when she turned 4 in January 2010, but her favorite played "Happy Birthday" when she opened it. That inspired Martin. a political consultant for congressional candidate Jim Reed in California, to create a talking direct-mail brochure that would help her boss stand out.

R&D: Martin found a Chinese manufacturer to make a lightweight sound module that would not require extra postage. Each 25-cent module contained a battery, speaker, sound-activation switch, and silicon chip, onto which Martin copied a WAV audio file of Reed's voice. She designed a trifold brochure, printed 2,500 copies, sealed the modules behind the right flap, and mailed them in late January.

Hitting the Market: Reed lost the November election. But since then, Martin's Yuba City, California, company, mailPOW, has created 100,000 talking brochures for clients, including AARP, at $2 each. Next, she plans to launch an online tool for creating audio cards.

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MARCH 2011

Congratulations to mailPOW clients who took home awards at the 2011 American Association of Political Consultants “Pollie” Awards:
AFSCME (Agency: Mack Crounse Group) – Witch’s Shriek
Gold – Best Use of Negative/Contrast
Gold – Best Use of Humor
Gold – Direct Mail for U.S. Senate, General Election
Gold – Direct Mail Independent Expenditure for U.S. Senate

See this winning talking card for yourself…


San Francisco Association of Realtors (Jim Fabris, Director) – Chinese Slate Card
Silver – Best in Show
Silver – Bilingual/Foreigh Language
Silver – Best Use of Illustration
Bronze – Direct Mail Ballot Initiative

See this winning talking card for yourself…



San Francisco Association of Realtors (Jim Fabris, Director) – Spanish Slate Card
Bronze – Best in Show
Bronze – Bilingual/Foreign Language
Bronze – Best Use of Illustration
Honorable Mention – Direct Mail Ballot Initiative

See this winning talking card for yourself…



SPECIAL NOTE: mailPOW founder, Crystal Martin, won the 2011 American Association of Political Consultants “Rookie of the Year” Award



MARCH 2011

Washington Post

Hollywood has the Oscars and Washington has the “Pollies.”

Hundreds of political consultants from across the country — and, to a large extent, around the Beltway — gathered this weekend for the American Association of Political Consultants’ awards ceremony for the best political campaigning in 2010.

Prizes included “best campaign manager” to “best door hanger” and “best use of Facebook.” Naturally, they also included the “best” attack ads — just don’t tell the political operatives that their commercials are negative.

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Witch’s Shrieks Urge Vote Against O’Donnell
“A lot of mail can get lost in mailboxes so we wanted to something a little more fun and creative.”

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Article also appeared in:



Shaunna O’Connell used state rep’s own words in defeating him

“It resembles an audio greeting card, but instead of blasting out “Happy Birthday” when opened, the political mailer plays an audio clip of Fagan’s controversial House speech…”

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MARCH 2010
mailPOW goes 3 for 3 at the AAPC Pollies Award Ceremony
Judged by top political consultants, mailPOW’s talking cards debut as winners across the board.

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February 2010
Talking Mailpiece" Blasts Right Wing Terrorist
Client Jim Reed, Congressional Candidate CA-2, gained national attention from his mailPOW talking card.


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February 2010
Talking Card Video Goes Viral
After the Daily Kos story broke, over 6,000 people watched this video in 72 hours.


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Why spend more on a mailpiece that talks?

95% of recipients show or talk about the cards to others. Of those, 54% show or talk about it to 10 or more people.

83% of recipients opened the piece multiple times. Of those, 52% opened the piece 5 or more times.

85% of recipients confirm talking mail is more likely to grab their attention. Of those, 70% confirm it is MUCH MORE LIKELY to grab their attention.

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